Full english semester

From now on, the Faculty of Law and Political Science will offer the possibility for foreign students to take a full english semester within it.
English course

The students will be able to complete 30 ECTS credits by taking those following courses :
- Constitutionnalism in new european states (6)
- Citizenship of the european union (6)
- Criminology (6)
- American Political System (6)
- Intro common Law (6)

English courses out of the Faculty

Foreign students will also have other options :
- they can earn 5 credits by pursuing french courses (Français Langues Étrangères) with the CIREFE ;
- they can earn 4 credits in European institutions and legal environment (4) and register to other courses in english at the IGR ;
- they can earn credits in economy courses at the Faculty of Economic Sciences ;
- they have the possibility to validate credits at Rennes 2 University by contacting the International Office beforehand