Postgraduate college

Postgraduate college are research organizations gathering national recognized teams and unites, to ensure the doctors formation and the monitoring of their research works. The Law and Political Science Postgraduate college (ED DSP) train 400 doctors, bring the university lecturersand researchers together.

The ED DSP gather 10 research unites partners, 230 research workers and 400 doctors. On average, 55 thesis are defended every year.

The ED DSP specialities

The Law and Political Science postgraduate college welcome the students preparinf their PhD in 6 specialities ;

  • Law
  • Private Law
  • Public Law
  • History of Law
  • Political Science
  • Information and Communication Sciences

Accredited establishments

Accredited establishments welcome the doctors and can deliver their PhD diploma under their seal and the seal of University Bretagne-Loire.

  • University of Angers
  • University of Western Britanny
  • Université Bretagne Sud
  • Le Mans University
  • University of Nantes
  • University of Rennes 1
  • University of Rennes 2 (delivery joint with University Rennes 1)
  • EHESP French School of Public Health (delivery joint with University Rennes 1)

Partners establishments

The following etablishments welcome the doctors in partnership with the University Rennes 1 which deliver the PhD diploma under their seal and the seal of the University Bretagne-Loire.

  • ENS Rennes
  • Rennes Institute of Political Studies